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Veteran Employment Program Development

We work closely with your team to design a unique strategy for building a successful veteran employment program based on a holistic model of recruitment, position placement, professional development, retention and overall long term career success. We work with businesses of all sizes with the concept that if you build it they will come, however if you build it correctly they will stay.  Veterans are a uniquely qualified and diverse population; therefore, it takes a unique employment program to make your business and your veteran employees successful.

Student Veteran Program Development

We utilize data-driven solutions to address the human factors affecting a University’s ability to reach its strategic objectives of attracting and building a culture of integration and academic success for student Veterans. Since the signing of the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill, over a million veterans have returned to college campuses across the country and in online class rooms.  However, their long-term success in pursuit of their degree often falls short due to the inability to find a campus environment that they can assimilate into.

Veteran Employee Staffing Support

Create competency models and career path road maps utilizing our candidate pool to aid in the selection and placement of our diverse and extremely qualified group of Veteran employees. All organizations have staffing requirements that drive business, and we can help with your recruitment goals.With a diverse population, eager to find their next career opportunity veterans possess knowledge, skills and abilities that can support every organizational requirement in every industry.

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We are uniquely equipped and committed to helping corporations of all sizes design and institute corporate programs to facilitate the successful employment and retention of Veterans.  Additionally, we are dedicated to life-long learning, therefore we are ideally suited to assist Universities of all sizes create and implement programs designed to attract and retain student Veterans.  Finally, utilizing a comprehensive database of highly qualified Veterans, we are able to immediately fill your open positions with highly qualified dedicated professionals.  

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